mcdonalds nutrition chart - mcdonalds nutrition chart 3

mcdonalds nutrition chart - mcdonalds nutrition chart 3

You can use the nutrition information  to choose healthy foods and control your weight

If you are older, your body requirements differ from those of a younger person. The amounts of vitamins, minerals and other substances are divergent. You must consider this discrepancy, when you start to diet. If you do not the diet could fail or worse, you could end up ill.

As you become older, your percentage of body fat increases. Calorie burning muscle decreases. Strength training will help you regain some muscle. While muscles decline, cholesterol increases. You will also require increased amounts of calcium and, depending upon your age and sex, more iron. If your diet is strict or you cannot get the right amounts of these and other essential vitamins and minerals through your food intake, take supplements.
A further note – as you become older, your calorie intake should decrease. Older adults and those less active, require fewer calories than their younger and more active counterparts do. Look to the guides and adjust to fit your diet and your goals without sacrificing your health.

 mcdonalds nutrition chart

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